angelic voices maple ridge 8Our family has been coming to Angelic Voices since the fall of 2012, when our older daughter was 2 and I was pregnant with our second child. We had moved from another music program and from the very first class, we knew that we had found something different and amazing with Angie. Her warmth, love of children and joy of sharing music as a gift comes through in every song she sings and exercise that she does in her classes. I love that she puts this all together into a package that is both creative and structured – something that is truly needed during these formative years. We could see our daughter grow so much during that first semester as she learned new things almost every class and learned her entire cd of songs at an amazing rate. When our second daughter was just 4 and a half months, we happily signed her up for Family Music for Babies. She LOVED it! And has been a musical child ever since. I love that a huge part of our family life centers around singing and dancing together, at home and in classes, and I thank Angie for making the education of music joyful and fun for my girls. They are always excited when they realize that tomorrow is “music class day”! There are so many activities that you can sign your children up for but if you can only choose one, then I highly recommend that you choose Angelic Voices. Thank you Angie! - Anonymous

All four of my children attended Angelic Voices at different times and each anticipated going to class every week. They became more confident and you could see each week that they were learning in different ways: to listen, to be creative and take risks, to follow directions, to imitate, to become more aware of their voice and body, or to stretch their memory. There's so much more happening each class than "just" singing and playing instruments. And of course, they all loved to use the take home instrument and play pretend music class. - Anonymous

 angelic voices maple ridge 15Hi Angie! Just wanted to let you know that tonight Hayden was really fussy after his bath so I started doing the rhythm patterns from class and singing our goodbye song to him. He calmed down and relaxed right away - so amazing!! -Jen

Wanted you to know that we've been singing the Aeolian Lullaby (track #4 on the cd) to Paetyn at naps and bedtime with great success. It's so calming with the minor key - it instantly settles her. Especially if she is about to cry. And it's so easy for us to repeat cuz it's so short!  And tones & rhythms is awesome tool I use during the day when we switch from one activity or toy to another. Fun and creates a bit of a diversion. Helps keep her attention at wiggly diaper changes too. - Vanessa

Just a quick message to share with you - the toddler music classes have been an important part of helping our daughter build her social skills. She has spent a large portion of her life not feeling well undergoing surgeries and enduring many doctor visits and tests. Because of her experiences she became wary of people who focus their attention on her - "put her in the spotlight". Your personality and approach with all the children (including our daughter) has allowed her the space to become comfortable to participate. Your obvious musical talent, warm personality and knowledge of little people and how to bring out their best in your music class make it a fantastic opportunity for any child. Thank-you - I have and will continue to recomend this class to other parents. - Anonymous

Chloe has been singing loads of Christmas carols over the holidays. And also running us through rounds of "Mommy, (or Daddy or whomever) How do you want to say Hello"? She usually wants to jump hello. Once she gets started there is no stopping her. She leads us using her tambourine - or her sticks.  Or whatever she can find... - Chelsea

Dezmond and Zairah both joined Angelic Voices in the fall of 2012 at just under 2 years old. Zairah was brave, outgoing and liked new things where Dezmond was shy and liked the status quo. Initially, he would not participate in class activities or join in the fun. In fact, he did not pay attention at all… or so I thought. One day, about 6 classes into the program, I caught Dezmond practicing his exercises from Ms. Angie’s class while at home. He WAS in fact listening! He has since been very involved in the program and loves everything about it. He’s made great friends, participates fully and is completely engaged. I just need to mention that we are going to see Ms. Angie to get the morning going. Plus +++… I have picked up a few tricks from class on how to have the kids pick up after themselves as well! I highly recommend the class! - Sabina

angelic voices maple ridge 14Well the kit is a big hit! I put the cd on for us to listen to on the way home. When the waltz came on I looked in the review mirror and kelvin is waltzing in his seat! Then I gave him his drinkable yogurt and he spilled it on his hands. He then said "shake them shake them they aren't dry shake them" I now have a dirty van but the moment was priceless :) - Debbie

We had the opportunity to try out another children's music program class, which our friends go to. We thought we might add another class for Ryder to experience with other friends of his. OMG - it was noisy chaos! Children running everywhere, music blasting, no direction from the teacher. My sister and I just stared at one another in fright. And our friends said they liked how UNSTRUCTURED the class was. Poor school teachers who get those kids in their kindergarten classes in a few years. The experience has made us love and appreciate you and your class even more. - Tanja & Ryder

 Just wanted to pass along that Lucy was very excited about doing actions with names (running), the little cat with Farmer MacDonald, and something to do with being on a long bus ride! In layman terms, she had a BLAST! - Carleigh & Lucy

I decided to register my son in the Angelic Voices program when he was 18 months old. He was born premature and we had noticed that he was a bit behind in reaching his growth milestones. I really enjoyed the class environment with Ms. Cass. She was fantastic at leading the activities and interacting with all the kids. I really enjoy the variety of activities and my son is (almost) always engaged with what we are doing. Since completing our 1st fall session, my husband and I have both noticed he is more verbally communicative and interacting better with others. - Anonymous