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Children & Music

Children are innately drawn to music. They learn best from moving and listening. Music and movement classes help children grow and develop into successful students. Some benefits include – language, concentration, self–expression, social interaction, fine motor skills, listening, and parent/child bonding. Overall, music immerses the child in language, evokes movement, stimulates the brain and fosters physical coordination – all in a group setting that builds community – a holistic experience.


Head Instructor: Angela Sawyer

I am a Maple Ridge mom with three children and an amazing husband. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, I studied private voice lessons and then went on to study theatre at Red Deer College. I trained in the Royal Conservatory of Music as well as Musical Theatre. I have been teaching music to children for well over 15 years. One of my main passions lies in teaching music to children with varying learning challenges, such as autism, ADHD and anxiety.  I love sharing my passion for music and the arts.

Angelic Voices offers a variety of music, starting as early as birth through to adolescent, following the MUSIKGARTEN curriculum. Our program begins with Bouncers (1 month -18 months) and progresses into Wigglers (16 months – 4 years), and Explorers (3.5-5 years).

You’ll also find the Angelic Voices program at The ACT in Maple Ridge, local preschools and daycares and Chrysta Academy in Maple Ridge.



0 TO 18 months

Designed for parents/caregivers and their babies to take together to help you form a closer bond which will give them a sense of love and security. We introduce bouncing, rocking, wiggling and peek-a-boo games. Singing, dancing and moving are key. The teacher is the coach and the parents learn how to play musically with their babies. Children will have an increased curiosity about music. This will help to develop their listening skills and give them a sense of flow and beat. Massage, sign language and musical play help create an environment which is fun and safe for you and your baby.
One adult per child


16 months to 4 years

When baby starts walking they start to explore their surroundings and the world of sound more on their own. Join your toddler in this exploration through singing, chanting, listening, moving and playing simple instruments. In Wigglers we channel the toddler’s energy and allow them to freely express their feelings. This class assists memory through repetition and it stimulates the musical interaction between parent and child.
One adult per child


3½ TO 5 years

In Explorers, we focus on activities that build on the child’s growing independence and competencies through musical play. Nurturing the preschooler’s ability to use language through songs, movement, dramatic play, exploration of instruments and imaginative stories. Explorers enhances moving, singing and talking skills while developing listening, focused attention and self-expression. And through all of these things lays the foundation for creative development.
Independent class; adults join in the last 5 minutes


Head Instructor: Angela Sawyer

Maple Ridge, BC

For questions regarding registration please contact The ACT directly.

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